Electric Hand Tattoos
Electric Hand Tattoos

Ben Johnson

Tattooing since 2003 exclusively in Nashville. Specializing in Black and Grey, Traditional, and Japanese. Influences include Sci-fi, Aliens, Surrealism, and Cartoons... View

Jason McDonald

Jason has been tattooing since the spring of 2000. He likes to do bold and graphic tattoos, with plenty of black. He likes funny tattoos and clever tattoos and doing custom tattoos on you... View

Dan Catron

I've been tattooing since 2000, traveling and learning from my piers from coast to coast. Everyday there is something new to learn so I strive for good clean quality tattoos that hold true... View


I joined the circus 26 years ago, traveling across the great American wilderness spreading joy and love through the sacred practice of my art. The last 10 years of my journey being spent in the wondrous land in and around the great city of Nashville, Tennessee. View


Bio coming soon. View


Southern raised tattoo artist who enjoys bold line work and heavy amounts of black. Favoring neo-traditional ladyheads and floral work, to weird occult blackwork and bright and bold American traditional. View