Electric Hand Tattoos
Electric Hand Tattoos
About The Shop

I joined the circus 26 years ago, traveling across the great American wilderness spreading joy and love through the sacred practice of my art. The last 10 years of my journey being spent in the wondrous land in and around the great city of Nashville, Tennessee.

The universe,in all it's infinite wisdom has finally lead me to this magnificent temple of spiritual and artistic expression, this haven of magical design, this tabernacle of cool - Electric Hand Tattoo!! We have been waiting for you.

If you are feeling the urge right now to talk to me about getting a fabulous new tattoo, go with the flow, make an appointment, change your life.
email me - sheri.chapman1658@gmail.com
call my cell - (615) 559-3429
check out my website - www.tattoosbysheri.com

Spanky Burns